The Rise of Small Language Models SLMs vs LLMs

The Rise of Small Language Models Unlike their larger counterparts, GPT-4 and LlaMa 2, which boast billions, and sometimes trillions of parameters, SLMs operate on a much smaller scale, typically encompassing thousands to a few million parameters. Mistral, as detailed on their documentation site, wants to push forward and become a leader in the open-source […]

Natural Language Processing Chatbot: NLP in a Nutshell

NLP Chatbots in 2024: Beyond Conversations, Towards Intelligent Engagement They’ll continue providing self-service functions, answering questions, and sending customers to human agents when needed. Customers love Freshworks because of its advanced, customizable NLP chatbots that provide quality 24/7 support to customers worldwide. NLP chatbots identify and categorize customer opinions and feedback. Intel, Twitter, and IBM […]